Sunday, April 28, 2013

Project #13

Group of individuals huddled together collaborating

Collaboration does not always have to occur in person. Through project #13, I have learned that it is possible to complete a group project without meeting face to face. My group did this for both Project 15, SMARTboard presentation and Project 16, iBook. The only time we have meet for either project is to film Project 15 and to voice record several things for Project 16 as well as the final piecing together of the project. I have previously used Skype for a number of purposes and personally really like the program. I have also used Facetime previous to EDM 310, but not for academic purposes. I could see how Facetime and Skype could be useful for academic purposes. Google Drive and Google Hangout were both new to me in this course. I have used Google Drive for numerous things outside of this course as well since learning about it and becoming more comfortable with using it. Google Hangout was not my favorite. It was not hard to use, but was not convenient for me to use on a regularly basis or to rely on it. I found group messaging and group messaging apps such a GroupMe much easier to use and convenient for my purposes. For collaboration for Project #15 and #16, my group, One and Done, used email, Google Drive, Google Documents, and group messaging to communicate. Google Drive and Documents were best used to share scripts, ideas, and text documents. This is also how we edited blog posts for our iBook and viewed our SMARTboard presentation. This gave each of us the ability to not only view the file, but also make and add changes and comment. Email was best used for sharing of photos and videos. Group messaging was most used for general communication purposes and scheduling meetings or notify one another of a new upload on google drive. This project taught me a lot about using different tools to collaborate without meeting in person.

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