Sunday, April 21, 2013

Progress Report on Final Project

My group consists of members: Angela Van Vliet, Sally Jeter, Jeanette Bosarge and myself. We have met a number of times to work on Project 16, the final project. We have chosen Option A and are looming forward to creating an iBook. We choose a template that is a part of iBook Author. We all have Mac computers or Apple phones which makes it easier to work on such a project. We have collected all of the necessary documents, posts, and videos from the groups members. We are in the process of creating a transcript for our group question and editing our group film projects. We are also completing the peer reviewing of each others selected materials. We already have our template set up and have begun to place material into our iBook. We are meeting as well as using tools such as Google Drive, text messaging, and email. We have worked really well together and I am pleased with our progress so far.

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