Sunday, April 7, 2013

C4K for March

For Week one of my C4K assignment for March, I was assigned to Cade K's blog in Mr. Boylen's 8th grade class in Iowa. The post that I commented on for Cade was were he was answer the questions: "What do you think you as a student gain from blogging with students and others outside of school and is it worth it? Why or why not?" Cade's response to this question was: that it gives them a chance for a social experience online and to meet other people. He also believes it also is a good way to improve writing and typing skills. This post was very good for educators and future educators to evaluate as well. What is the importance in having students blog. I was able to share my opinion in my response to Cade. I believe students would have numerous benefits from blogging and using the blog to communicate with students around the world. It is neat to see what other students their same age are learning about hundreds of miles away from them. Cade did a good job addressing this question and I enjoyed exploring his blog.

For week two of my C4K assignment for the month of March, I was assigned to Thomas's Awesome Blog of Mr. Seyfert's Sixth Grade class. The blog post that I commented on was about hanging out with the main charcter in their current AR book. Thomas's book was titled: Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Thomas wanted to hang out with him because he did a lot of neat undercover spy work and was very active. I commented to Thomas that the main character sounded like a really neat boy and that undercover spy work does sound very interesting. I asked him if he was interested in pursuing a career in the forensics field. Thomas makes books sound very interesting and they intrigue his blog readers to find out more or read the books themselves.

For the third week of my C4K assignment for the month of March I commented on Juliana's blog. The post that I commented on was very interesting. The class had recently been watching “Wretches & Jabberers,” about two Vermonters with autism, Tracy Thresher and Larry Bissonnette. The class actually got to meet the couple and ask questions during a presentation at their school. The blog post that Juliana wrote was a letter in response to the presentation. Juliana expressed gratitude to them for answering her class's questions and being such great role models. Juliana also shared some of the things they have in common together such as: the love to paint, draw, and make any kind of art possible. I commented on her post telling her how neat it was that they had similar interests in common and that she look just great interest in their documentary. I have worked with a number of Autistic students and children; therefore, they have a special place in my heart and it was neat for me to hear a student talk about their interest. The letter she wrote will really be sent to the couple and I think they will find great encouragement in it.

For the final week of C4Ks for this month I commented on Sierra's blog. The blog post that I commented on for my assignment was a reflection that she wrote about a special guest presentation from Holocaust survivor Philip Gans. She talked about his life story that he told including the fact that he only recently started sharing his story. He was the only one to survive out of his family. I commented on Sierra's post how neat it was to be able to meet Mr. Gans and ask him questions. I personally enjoyed studying WWII and the holocaust because of the intriguing details. It was neat to read about Mr. Gans life. Sierra did a wonderful job with the blog assignments and being detailed in her posts.

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