Monday, February 25, 2013

Project # 9: PLN Progress Report

A PLN is a Personal Learning Network. Personal Learning Networks can be utlizied by virtually anyone and are really easy to use. For my PLN, I used a program called Symbaloo. I really enjoyed learning to use and setting up my PLN. Throughout the past few weeks I have been adding to my PLN. The main thing I have been adding is blogs of other teachers as I come upon them or am directed there. In the left hand corner I have links to social media and other tools that I frequently use, both on a personal and professional level. On the upper righthand corner, I have tools such as Prezi, Google Drive, and YouTube that I am frequently using. In the lower righthand corner I have a number of blogs of other teachers that I have enjoyed reading and going back to read or use their resources. In the lower lefthand corner I have several miscellaneous tools and websites, such as the weather and the school homepage. I have enjoyed setting my PLN up and consider it a work in progress. As I come across other blogs and resources I plan to add them to my PLN.

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  1. Hey Lindsey!! Daphney here!!! I really enjoyed reading your blog. I can really relate. I too use Symbaloo. I have an EDM310 webmix and a personal webmix. You taught me something and didn't even know it. I never thought about linking up to the teachers that whose blogs I found interesting. Your post was thoughtful and well written. Keep up the great work girl :)