Saturday, February 9, 2013

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Podcasting is a series of audio files that easily conveys your ideas or messages. Until exploring the links provided and the internet for education and podcasting ideas I had a full understanding of podcasting. The impact that podcasting can have on students and the benefits that come along with it are numerous. As I explored this topic and its benefits, I found myself developing a growing interest. While looking around Langwithes's Blog I found three of my favorite podcasts or posts about using podcasting in the classroom.

The first podcast that I really enjoyed was 1st Graders Create Their Own Read Along Audiobooks. In this particular podcast, 1st Grade students helped to create and read a script based on the Magic Tree House Book, Dinosaurs Before Dark. Not only did the students participate in the recording of the podcast, they also participated in writing the script. I enjoyed listening to this podcast, because each character had a different voice and the students also used sound effects. The students gained numerous skills from this activity including writing, reading, and listening. Podcasting also encourages the students to use their creativity. It amazes me how well the first grade students did in completing this podcast on The Magic Tree House Book.

The next podcast I enjoyed listening to was another first grade classes, Flat Stanley Podcast. I believe I enjoyed listening to this podcast so much because I remember reading Flat Stanley when I was in grade school. The summer between my second and third grade year we were asked to take Flat Stanley with us wherever we went over summer vacation. The assignment was to take pictures with Flat Stanley and write a few sentences about each picture. I really enjoyed this project; therefore, I really liked listening to the places these first grade students came up with to send themselves as a version of Flat Stanley. The creativity and diversity stood out to me in this podcast. Through listening and reading about The Flat Stanley Podcast I realized that this podcast could also be used to teach geography. Students don't just learn about the place they choose, but through sharing they become aware of a variety of different places around The Earth.

Every future teacher should read the post: Its Not About the Tools Its About the Skills. Through this post the numerous skills that are taught through podcasting are brought to light. The author created this post in response to many parents asking what the point to podcasting was and why their students were not learning the basic reading, writing, math, and science skills. Just like the title sugest, it really isn't about the tools that we teach our students to use, but the skills were ensure we are teaching through using the technology that reaches our students. Just a few of the skills that are taught are auditory, communication, presentation, speaking, reading, geography, writing, organization, collaboration, and research skills. These are really just a few of the skills that students can learn through podcasting and various other technology teaching methods. Technology has become a large part of our students' lives outside of school, so why not use it to teach the students in a way they understand. using technology makes teaching relative and interactive.

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