Monday, February 25, 2013

C4K for the Month of February

Student Blogs

Week 1: Hunter

Hunter is in the tenth grade and goes to Baldwin County High School. Hunter has never blogged before, but it is part of one of his classes this semester so he is learning how to blog. The post I commented on was Hunter's About Me post. I recently went back to Hunter's blog and he has written a number of new and interesting posts since I last visited his blog. Hunter told us about himself and his hobbies. He used to live in Mobile and moved seven years ago. Hunter enjoys hunting, fishing, playing football, and hanging out with friends. Hunter has two older brothers and a four year old nephew. I commented on Hunter's post and commended him for his excellent effort at blogging. I also shared some of the things we have in common like having two brothers and enjoying hanging out with friends. I also asked Hunter what his favorite subject in school is. Hunter is continuing to do a wonderful job at blogging for his class.

Week 2: Shawn

Shawn is in 4th Grade in Ms. Muhammad's class. Shawn has also written a number of blog posts, but he recently wrote one about his AR Book: Meet My Neighbor the Hairstylist. Shawn did a wonderful job describing the book and even told us a little bit about his sister. She compares the main character in the book to his sister who he says is beautiful and bright. He also tells us he loves and cares for her. I commented to Shawn that I enjoyed getting to know him through his blog. I told Shawn that I really enjoyed AR reading when I was in elementary school and hoped he was enjoying it as well. I asked Shawn how old his sister was and told him he was a very sweet brother to talk so nicely about her. Shawn did a wonderful job writing this short book review.

Week 3: Izac

Izac is a Year 5 student at Pt England School in Auckland, New Zealand. Izac is nine years old. Izac has written several posts on his blog, but his most recent post was a google presentation: "All About Me." I enjoyed watching the presentation, which included his favorite foods, games, and television shows. After viewing the Google presentation I commented on Izac's post how much I enjoyed his presentation. I also shared with Izac how even in college we use Google presentations. Izac is originally from Samoa and in my comment I told him I would enjoy learning more about that area. I even went and did some researching myself because I was unfamiliar with the area and was interested in learning about it. I enjoyed reading Izac's posts on his blog and learning more about another country's education system.

Week 4: Lauren

Lauren is a student in Mrs. Vannoy's first grade class. One of the EDM 310 lab assistants is actually their student teacher. Lauren has written several blog posts about the people she loves. The one I commented on was about her brother. She told the reader that she loves her brother a lot and he is the best. I commented on her blog post telling her about my two brothers. I have two brothers, one goes to Auburn and the other lives in Ohio with my mom. I asked Lauren how old her brother was as well. I also commented that I thought it was neat we both had brothers that we loved. Lauren has done a very good job at designing and decorating her blog. I enjoyed exploring the other blog posts by Mrs. Vannoy's other students as well.

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