Sunday, May 5, 2013

Blog Post #15: Final Reflection

As I read over my first blog post of the semester I am amazed at the change in my mindset of teaching. I knew that I had a change of mind about several things, but I never realized how little I really knew about technology in the classroom at the beginning of the semester. I have now rethought some of the ways I will teach in my classroom and the tools I use. EDM 310 has made a huge impact in the tools I now have on a list to use when I begin my time in the classroom. I am also much more receptive to using technology in the classroom than I was before this course.

I knew that I wanted to use an interactive white board, in which I still want to use in my classroom. The difference is now I know how to use the SMART boards better through a better understanding and knowledge of all the tools that it really offers. I also had vague ideas about using iPads in the classroom but was unsure about how exactly I would use them. Now I have a much better idea and most certainly want to have access to such an amazing tool that can be used across the curriculum. There are numerous tools that I plan to use in my classroom as I begin teaching and I tool forward to discovering even more technology tools. Through EDM 310 I have become not only aware of current tools that modern teachers are using in the classroom, but I am now have a better understanding of how technology is used effectively in the classroom.

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